Justina Gun

Major: Sociology

Volunteer Accomplishments

  • Many projects with the Elle Foundation
  • Toys for Tots benefit dance concerts

Educational Accomplishments

  • High School peer leader / ambassador
  • National Technical Honors Society/National Dance Honors Society
  • Research project to be presented at the Eastern Sociology Society conference


Justina Gun is Sociology major in the Presidential Scholars Program. This first semester has been challenging, rewarding, and full of opportunities that would not have been presented to me otherwise. Within this program, academics are not the only focus. It has opened up a new perspective on my college career, allowing me exposure to many professional experiences. After just one semester of my undergraduate career, I have worked on an original research project that I will be presented at The Eastern Sociological Society Conference. I have also gotten involved in an newly emerging club called I Am. It is a group focused on educating the community about major problems that face adolescents today, and also creating safe, and supportive environment for students within our school. Centenary College is the perfect environment for students to flourish. The sense of community, and support from every part of the school has helped me accomplish so much, and continues to push me to reach my potential.

About Me

Throughout my life, dancing has been a major hobby of mine.  I began as a toddler, and it has played a strong role in my life through the years.  Though my academics stay as my priority, I still keep my passion alive.  It has taught me many things that I believe have shaped my character.  I have learned both how to work with a group, and how to be a leader. I have also realized the value of commitment, hard work, and perseverance. These are qualities that are necessary to my success throughout my life, with any new challenge I face.