Alan Sciarrillo

Major: Criminal Justice

Volunteer Accomplishments

  • Centenary College Community Plunge 2013 – Warren Haven Nursing Home
  • Community Action Reaches Everyone – Edison, NJ

Educational Accomplishments 

  • Graduated from Saint Joseph High School, Metuchen, NJ


I am currently involved in a few different things at Centenary College. I am a member of the Sociology and Criminal Justice Club, a pitcher on the Cyclones Baseball team, and a Presidential Scholar. Being selected as a Presidential Scholar is a great honor. The unique opportunities that I have been given in my first semester have served as great learning experiences. In November 2013, I was invited to spend a day touring the Mount Olive Police Headquarters and the Morris County Police Academy with my advisor, Professor Linne, and Mr. Justice Anthony Aduhene-Benieh, a Police Superintendent visiting from Ghana. This experience, along with many others, prepares me for my future career in the law enforcement field. Centenary College will help me achieve my goals of acquiring a strong education, continuing my baseball career, and in the future, becoming an agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

About Me

I have two favorite quotes.

Detective Sergeant Sanchez of the Mt. Olive Police Department used the first quote in my Academic Foundations Class. He quoted Seneca by saying, “Luck is where the crossroads of opportunity and preparation meet.”  From this, it is easy to see that there is no such thing as just being lucky. When you work hard enough, an opportunity may arise, and you will be ready.

The second quote actually came from one of the first staff members I met at Centenary College in the winter of my senior year in high school. While sitting in a meeting room, Devon Vialva said “If not now, then when?” I printed out a picture of this quote and it hangs in my dorm as a reminder to do as much good as I can, while I can.