Abigail Voelkner

Major: Psychology
Minor: Mathematics

Educational Accomplishments

  • Johnson & Johnson Pre-Professional Health Care Scholarship
  • Summa Award (high school)
  • National Mathematics Honor Society and National Business Honor Society (high school)
  • Member of Psi Chi


My future goal is to become a high school counselor.  During my time at Centenary I would like to achieve high grades while also participating in cross-country and lacrosse.  I would also like to become a member of Psi Chi.  After my undergraduate degree, I would like to continue on to get my masters in school counseling.  I enjoy all of the opportunities I have access to by being a Presidential Scholar.  I enjoy the size of the classes at Centenary.  I also enjoy how friendly everyone on campus is.

About Me

My favorite past times are running and playing the piano.  I have been playing the piano since I was in second grade.  Playing the piano has taught me discipline and the importance of working hard, which I can carry over in my schoolwork.  My favorite movie is Despicable Me.