Spring 2014 Workshop Schedule

Time: 3:00-4:00pm EST
Day: Monday
Location: LIB-101

Time Management (February 3)

Students will learn techniques to become aware of how they use their time and strategies to make realistic schedules and plans to accomplish what they need to do to meet their academic goals.

Student Professionalism (February 10)

Students will learn the important skills and behaviors of a professional person.  Specific attention will be given to strategies students can use in and out of the classroom.

Note-Taking & Textbook Reading (February 17)

Reading and note-taking are essential skills for a successful college student.  Students will be exposed to a variety of note-taking methods.  David Millbrook's Textmapping skills will be introduced to enable students to get the most out of textbook reading.

Relaxation/Stress Relief (February 24)

This workshop will focus on identifying the symptoms and causes of stress for college students.  It is an interactive course that teaches participants techniques and strategies they can utilize daily to reduce and cope with stress.

Take Charge of Your Education (March 31)

This workshop will provide an overview of academic policies and possibilities.  Topics covered will be making satisfactory academic progress, Dean's list requirements, planning for internships, study abroad, adding a minor or concentration, requirements for taking online courses and the importance of having conversations with your academic advisor.  The workshop will conclude with a demonstration on how to register online.

Please contact Danielle Boeninghaus at boeninghausd@centenarycollege.edu or Suzanne McCarthy at mccarthys@centenarycollege.edu with any questions.