Spring 2015 Workshop Schedule

Time: 3:00-4:00pm EST
Day: Mondays & Wednesdays
Location: LAX-102

Time Management (2/2/15 & 3/2/15)

Students will learn a variety of strategies to make the most of their time and to meet their academic and personal goals.

Note-taking (2/11/15)

The reason to take notes is to create a useful study tool.  Students will be introduced to several approaches to note-taking.

Textbook Reading (2/16/15 & 3/9/15)

David Millbrook's Textmapping skills will be introduced to enable students to get the most out of textbook reading.  Annotation and other comprehension building skills will be covered.

Test Preparation (3/4/15)

The five day test prep plan will be taught along with effective test taking skills.

Introduction to Khan Academy (2/25/15 & 3/11/15)

An overview of Khan Academy and its value in self regulated learning will be reviewed.


Please contact Danielle Boeninghaus at boeninghausd@centenarycollege.edu or Suzanne McCarthy at mccarthys@centenarycollege.edu with any questions.