Spring 2014 Mentored Study Groups

Spring 2014 Groups

A mentored study group is a group that a student may join that will meet weekly to help students to master course content and develop effective learning strategies.  Mentored Study Groups will be led by a professional tutor and are scheduled at times most students enrolled in the course are not scheduled for class.  Participation in a Mentored Study Group is a semester long commitment. 

Please note that the Mentored Study Groups will be the only academic support available for the courses listed below.  In order to participate in a Mentored Study Group, a student must register through the Academic Success Center.

Mentored Study Groups

ACC 2102: Principles of Accounting II

Wednesdays: 2-3 PM EST
Thursdays: 12-1 PM EST

CHM 1050: Basic Chemistry

Tuesdays: 3-4 PM EST

MTH 1402: Pre-Calculus II

Wednesdays: 3-4PM EST

MTH 1500: Statistics for Social Sciences

Mondays: 3-4 PM EST

PHY 2002: Physics II

Wednesdays: 9-10 AM EST and/or 2-3 PM EST

PSY 2000: Psychological Statistics

Mondays: 9-10 AM EST

SOC 4002: Research Methods in the Social Sciences

Mondays: 10-11 AM EST and/or 2-3 PM EST

Please contact Danielle Boeninghaus at boeninghausd@centenarycollege.edu or Suzanne McCarthy at mccarthys@centenarycollege.edu if you would like to participate in a Mentored Study Group.