Advising and Tutoring

Advising for Full Time Students

All first year students will be advised by their Academic Foundations professor.  Upperclassmen will be assigned to an advisor in their major by the Academic Success and Advising Center.  All undeclared full time students will also be assigned to an advisor within the Academic Success and Advising Center.  Your advisor works with you to build a program of study, select courses, and stay focused on your academic goals.

As a full time student, you are responsible for making and keeping appointments with your advisor for academic counseling during pre-registration to avoid late fees and to ensure class selection.

Advising for Part Time Students

All part time students will be assigned to an academic advisor within their field of study.  All undecided part time students will be assigned to an advisor within the Academic Success and Advising Center.

If you need additional support, the professionals of the Academic Success and Advising Center (in the Harris and Betts Smith Learning Center) will assist you in finding a tutor to address your specific concerns.

Professional Tutoring

Centenary College's Professional Tutoring program is administered by the Academic Success Center.  The tutorial program is certified by the College Reading and Language Association at the highest level.  Professional Tutors are individuals with post secondary degrees who have completed a tutor training program.  All tutoring is appointment based and and may be one on one or in small groups of two or three.

Students may request an individual appointment for one hour a week of tutoring in a discipline area.  Students who miss two appointments without cancelling at least a day in advance during Academic Success Center business hours will no longer be entitled to tutoring services.  All students requesting tutoring must complete a tutor request form which is located both in the lobby and outside of the Academic Success Center in the Harris and Betts Learning Center (Library Annex).  

Typically, students are assigned to tutors within 24-48 hours of the initial tutoring request.  

The Academic Success Center administers the Math Lab.  This lab is designed for students to have one on one tutorials on a math question related to College Math or Quantitative Literacy.  The lab is a drop-in academic support service.  No appointment is necessary.

The Academic Success Center also administers Mentored Study Groups.  A mentored study group is a group that a student may join that will meet weekly to help students master course content and develop effective learning strategies.  All students who would like to participate in a Mentored Study Group must register for the group through the Academic Success Center.  Please note that participation in a Mentored Study Group is a semester long commitment.

There are no fees for the tutoring services offered through the Academic Success and Advising Center.

School of Professional Studies students who wish to receive tutoring should contact Frances Kutiak: kutiakf@centenarycollege.edu.

Graduate students interested in receiving tutoring should contact their academic advisor.

Please contact Danielle Boeninghaus at boeninghausd@centenarycollege.edu or Suzanne McCarthy at mccarthys@centenarycollege.edu if you have additional questions.