Strategic Plan 2012-2017

Members of the Centenary Community,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I am proud to present, “Celebrating Our History: Forging Our Future”, the Centenary College Strategic Plan 2012-2017.  This plan is the culmination of an inclusive and intensive eighteen month process that considered the internal environment, external trends and the current state economic conditions while remaining true to the College’s mission and identity.  This strategic plan should inspire action and expansion upon its  ideas that will guide our work at the College for the next five years focusing on those areas that are our greatest strengths.  Centenary will continue to serve as a “Beacon for the Region” providing higher education opportunities to students while ensuring the educational experience is sufficiently rigorous, accessible and relevant for students so that they can successfully enter or re-enter the workforce.

“Celebrating Our History: Forging Our Future” leverages internal strengths of the college to promote continued focus on academic rigor, a vibrant co-curricular experience and positive outcomes for all students.  External challenges such as rising tuition costs and accountability are addressed in this plan through comprehensive financial planning including cost containment, increased fundraising, diversification of revenue streams, centralized enrollment management and ongoing assessment. 

The plan reflects the collaborative work of multiple focus groups and committees. Numerous action items were identified in the plan and are the focus of various committees and departments throughout the college.

I encourage all current students, prospective students and parents, to read the summary of the plan.


Barbara Jayne Lewthwaite

Read the Summary of
Our Strategic Plan

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