About Centenary College

Centenary College is a community of learners distinguished by a diverse student body, a dedicated faculty and staff, and stimulating educational opportunities.

As the primary educational and cultural resource for northwest New Jersey, Centenary offers a range of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs as well as non-degree courses for professional and personal development.

Centenary College is committed to enlarging its presence in the immediate and expanded geographic region through its quality undergraduate and graduate programs and by becoming: 

  • A model for student-centered, personalized, individually-focused education;
  • An innovator in the integration of a quality liberal arts education with career preparation;
  • A standard-bearer in internationalizing its campus and its programs;
  • A pioneer in developing and implementing unparalleled service, such as community service initiatives;
  • An acknowledged leader with its contemporary academic programs and its technology innovations.

Student-Centered Learning

The total growth of each individual is taken into account in the Centenary Experience. We try to match our teaching styles with your learning style.

We do this in many ways. First, through our outstanding faculty who take a personal interest in your academic success. Second, with computer technologies and learning systems that complement your academic pursuits. Third, with a wide range of academic services to help you achieve your goals.

The college also has a long standing commitment to community service and each student is expected to incorporate community service experiences into their college learning. Internships and work-study expand the educational environment as do the opportunities for study abroad.

Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs

Centenary is an independent college offering bachelor degree programs and associate degree programs in the liberal arts and career areas and master degree programs in business administration, counseling, counseling psychology, education, English, special education, public administration, and psychoanalysis, and on line masters. Certification programs are also offered in many areas.

A Global Perspective

Further, we are committed to making sure that all of our students are fully prepared for a global world. With the advantages offered by a small college environment, the best teachers and the latest technology, we are committed to providing you with Student-Centered Learning and Unparalleled Service to make you one of tomorrow's leaders.

A Beacon to our Region

Working with area businesses, institutions and school systems, Centenary College and its graduates are, and will continue to be key resources for regional economic and educational development and for recreational and artistic initiatives to enrich the surrounding communities.

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