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The Political and Governmental Affairs major at Centenary College provides a strong foundation in the study of government and governing procedures, as well as a fundamental understanding of legislative, executive and judicial bodies, political parties, voting behavior and special interest groups. 

Students majoring in Political and Governmental Affairs may specialize in American Politics or International Politics. 

Current graduates of the program are working for federal governmental agencies, state and local law enforcement agencies and domestic and global nongovernmental humanitarian organizations. The program has also graduated students serving as elected representatives in townships and counties throughout the state of New Jersey. 

Political Science Minor

Students interested in completing a minor in political science complete 16 credits in political science above and beyond the classes in these areas which may be used to fulfill the Core, or other program requirements of the College.

To minor in political science, a student may take any two courses at the 1000 or 2000-level and any two courses at the 3000 or 4000-level.

Students in the Political Science Minor at Centenary College most often major in Criminal Justice, History, Sociology, and Education, although students from all majors have been represented as minors.


Political and Governmental Affairs majors are assisted in obtaining internships. Recent students have been placed in the congressional offices of New Jersey Representatives Scott Garrett and Leonard Lance. Additional internships have included the Intelligence Section of the NYPD, the office of the District Attorney of Philadelphia and the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies in Washington, DC. 

Washington Semester at American University

The program offers select students the opportunity to study for one semester at American University through an institutional partnership with Centenary College. Students may choose a course of study in domestic or international politics with the additional opportunity to select an internship or international travel as part of the Washington Semester experience. 

Experiential Learning—Bringing the World into the Classroom

In every semester, students are given the opportunity to play the role of world leaders. Through the experience of role-playing, major and minors apply knowledge gained in their traditional education to the practical role of a national decision-maker. In POL 1050 Model United Nations and in POL 2002 Comparative Politics: Model NATO and Model Middle East Peace Conference, students develop advanced skill in research, analysis, negotiation and diplomacy. 

Addressing America’s Security Needs: The Focus on Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Faculty in the program are frequently heard in the regional and national media commenting on the most pressing security concerns for the nation, particularly those involving terrorism and counter-terrorism. Centenary College professors are regular briefing and analysis consultants to the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security and are recognized as important assets to the counter-terrorism community. Students can benefit from specialized instruction in intelligence analysis, particularly if they are considering a career in that area. Finally, through its close partnership with the Criminal Justice program, students also learn how state and local law enforcement agencies are such a critical part of protecting the population from the threats posed by domestic and international terrorism. 

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