Disability Services Office -
Project ABLE Program.

ABLE stands for Academic Bridges to Learning Effectiveness.

Project ABLE is an educationally based, comprehensive learning support program designed specifically for students with psychological, learning, and neurological differences. 

The purpose of the program is to provide a "bridge" between the structured and sometimes modified secondary-school setting to the predominantly self-directed college environment.  This is accomplished through the creation and implementation of a student-centered success plan developed collaboratively with a Learning Support Specialist that includes the use of accommodations and services.

Although Centenary College does not modify its curriculum for students with disabilities, Project ABLE compliments a tradition of personalized, quality education which creates a high potential for a successful transition.

Project ABLE emphasizes:

  • Personal responsibility
  • Self-advocacy
  • Independence
  • Remediation of Study Skills & Techniques
  • Development of Self-help skills
  • Personal Reflection

Project ABLE services include:

  • Individual weekly meetings with a Learning Support Specialist
  • Academic Skill Remediation
  • Workshops (e.g. Should You Disclose Your Disability to Employers?)
  • Access to Professional Tutors trained in disability issues
  • Group Counseling (Bridges Support Group)
  • Close academic monitoring
  • Disability Issues Counseling

Admissions Considerations

In the case of a student who is not otherwise qualified for regular admission to Centenary College, special consideration can be given to students whose educational profile is compatible with the established Centenary College curriculum. Such students must commit to full and active participation in the Project ABLE program and must agree to the conditions set forth in an offer of provisional admission to Centenary College. These provisions may include enrolling in Project ABLE and/or the STEP Ahead, Summer Developmental Program.

If an applicant feels that they would benefit from such consideration due to a specific weakness within their application materials, they should check the box at the top of the Application for Intensive Support. This will allow relevant information relating to the applicants qualifications and potential for success to be shared with the Admissions Office. Such information may be used to bolster the applicant’s file for admission to the College.

Students are given an opportunity to re-enroll or opt out of the program for the next subsequent semester around the end of the present semester. Students wishing to opt out of the program must do so in writing.


The fee for the program is determined on a yearly basis.

Contact Information

(908) 852-1400 ext. 2168

Hours of Operation:  
Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm EST

Michelle Meyer
Director of Disability Services
Phone: +1 (908)852-1400 ext. 2251
Fax: +1 (908)979-4277


“What I find helpful about
Project ABLE is that the staff
is very helpful in answering
just about every question I
have, whether it is about,
tutoring, my classes,
and other questions about
life as a college student.”

~Jen A

“I find it helpful that
we meet with somebody
once a week.”

~Allison B