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Title  Seasonal Warehouse Operations Team Member
Salary  11.25
Description  Handles the unloading of all cartons, store returns, palletizes cartons for store shipments, loads trailers to maximize cube,
sorts cartons, which includes feeding and manual breakdown and operates various pieces of material handling equipment (MHE) to
include the forklift, reach truck and turret truck.

Description of duties and task essential job functions

Open doors: Open and set dock and carrier doors to receive trailer, piggyback, containers or rail cars.

Unload/Tally Merchandise: Unload trailers and keep accurate count of cartons received by vendor/SKN number.

Label Cartons: Correctly label each carton or pallet with correct identification label.

Verify Product: Operate VT/LRT terminals to assist in identification and receipt acknowledgment using keyboard/scanner.

Build Pallet: When receiving, arrange and place cartons onto pallets to correct Ti x Hi specifications (pallet count). When
picking, stack cartons on pallet up to a height of 6 ½ feet.

Selects product from locations.

Operates various types of MHE.

Operates Radio Frequency (RF) equipment and computer for various functions.

Responsible for Properly Stacking and Cubing Pallet (Manual Distribution Center only): Lift cartons off tray/chute, and stack
cartons on pallet up to a height of 7 ½ feet. Pallet must be properly squared.

Shrink Wrap/Tape all Completed Pallets: Secure pallets with shrink wrap/tape to keep cartons from falling while merchandise is
being transported.

Feed Cartons Onto Conveyor: Lift carton off pallet and place on appropriate power conveyor.

Manually Push Cartons Onto Store Chute: Push carton off conveyor onto a pre-numbered tray/chute or lift carton off conveyor and
place on exception conveyor behind sorter position.

Move Merchandise: Operate hand jacks and/or Material Handling Equipment (complete licensing) to remove merchandise to the next
designated department.

Seal Totes: Place tamper-proof tags on totes with security merchandise.

Identify Splits: Identify an incoming merchandise pallet so that the radio frequency system or receiver can indicate the proper

Split Full Pallets: Pick the quantity of items described on the terminal or receiver to the correct store pallet by moving the
pallet with hand jack or power equipment across the staging rollers and placing the carton on the designated store pallet.

Load Trailer: Move full pallets onto trailer using hand jack or pallet end-rider. Unstack cartons from pallet to trailer floor
to ceiling, filling up the entire trailer.

Top Load Merchandise: Hand stack merchandise on top of pallets to fill available space on trailer, up to 7 ½ feet high to ensure
fully cubed trailer.

Secure and Seal Trailer Doors: Open and close shipping and trailer doors, attaching a serial numbered seal and lock each trailer

Record Shipping Documentation: Perform reconciliation duties in closing trailers in Shipping to include; record seal, trailer,
door and store number onto shipping log / manifest.

Clean: Maintain a clean and safe work area.

Safe Procedures: Maintain safe work practices as outlined in the Standard Operating Procedures.

Ability to read and understand the English language sufficiently in order to interpret carton vendor markings, and to properly
breakdown merchandise.

Basic math skills including addition, subtraction, and multiplication, necessary for counting cartons and calculating
specifications (pallet count).

Understands the various lights / buzzers / etc associated with the sorter - conveyer belts - in truck conveyors

Ability to grasp, bend walk, lift and move cartons up to 50 pounds.

Sufficient manual dexterity to be able to shrink wrap/tape a pallet from top to bottom by holding a cylinder of shrink wrap/tape
and walking around a pallet up to a 6 foot height.

Ability to safely operate all Material Handling Equipment (license required) including, but not limited to, the following:

Pallet End-rider

Stand-up Forklift / Reach / Order Picker

Sit-down Forklift (clamp)

Ability to work in elevated work areas of up to an average of 40 feet (i.e. catwalks, modules, etc.)

Ability to transfer and perform the essential job functions in any department in the Distribution Center.

Ability to learn and perform all essential job functions within 4 weeks of hire in accordance with productivity standards.

Job number 48982
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Hiring Organization

Name  Toys R Us
Description  Distribution Center
Industry  Retail/Merchandising
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Hiring Contact Information

Name  Mrs. Marybeth Hall
Title  Talent Acquisition Specialist
Department  HR

Flanders NJ 07836
9732521488 x2232
Alumni?  No

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